• Back to School, Back to Comedy

    2010 Sep 17

    Hey All!

    It’s Matt live from my sexy leather couch in my cozy Brooklyn Apartment. How are you guys? Ready to laugh? You guys are still into laughing, right? GOOD.

    Here’s another gem from ThesePeople starring Jeff and Pretty Doctor Tim, Pediatric Gynecologist.

    It’s called “Foods That Aren’t Meat” and to tell you anymore would be to ruin it. I can tell you it was originally conceived in Los Angeles with our dear friend (and star of Sex Addict and Buddy Escorts) Ryan Mason, but we didn’t get a chance to shoot it out there.

    THEN we were supposed to shoot it in Detroit in Tim’s apartment, but I forgot a very important prop on our shoot day. So we went all over Detroit trying to find a replacement, but as it turns out there are no operational stores in Detroit so that hindered our process. We ended up just shooting it back at my place in my basement. Great story, right? You’re welcome.

    Back at the ThesePeople ranch we’re trying to rustle up some exciting Halloween offerings for you, as we love to do this time of year. We’re thinking “The Human Millipede”… you guys into that? Good.

    Hope you guys are enjoying fall, fantasy football, and collecting a lot of syllabi. Enjoy the new sketch! More coming soon!

    Miss u,
    MaTT and ThesePeople

  • 100 Uploads and some ThesePeople News

    2010 Jul 19

    Hello Everyone!

    How are you? I know before I’ve said “it’s been a while” but this time really “IT’S BEEN A WHILE.” You’ve probably been wondering where your beloved ThesePeople are. Make no mistake, we are still here, just where “here” is has become a little different as I (Matt) have recently moved to New York City. So that puts me in NYC, Joel and Steve in Chicago and Jeff, Tim, Nick and Aaron back in Detroit. We’re not breaking up, we’re expanding.

    But because I have been moving, settling into a new job and drinking a lot there has not been a ton of time to make new stuff, HOWEVER before I left we shot quite a few funny shorts that we will be sharing over the next month or two while I start shooting a bunch of new stuff that all takes place in Times Square.

    The first of those shorts? Today’s offering “What’s that Noise?” It’s only a minute long so I won’t bother describing it, but I will say if you’re a fan of our redheaded actress Kim “Kat” Cooper, she’s in it. And for Kat Cooper SUPERFANS listen to her radio talk show “Lansing Next” at http://talklansing.net/

    “What’s that Noise?” is also our 100th YouTube upload! HOORAY!!! However it is not technically our 100th sketch as other YouTube uploads include vlogs and “Quickies” that aren’t full fledged sketches like “KITE” or “There’s a Monster in my Sublet” or the 92 other sketches we have done.

    Thanks everyone for sticking with us during our little hiatus, we’ll be better about getting new sketches to you more regularly especially now that our editor is done getting engaged (CONGRATS STEVE AND ELIZABETH) and can now get back to what really matters.

    So stay tuned, look for lots of fun shorts followed by all new sketches with new faces shot in new places.

    And if any of our fans live in the Big Apple please say ‘Hi’ to me on the Subway. I’ll be the guy with headphones in and sunglasses on.

    Stay awesome,
    MaTT and ThesePeople

  • It’s Foursquare for the people you bang!

    2010 Apr 20

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    How is it going? I’m doing great, because LOST is on tonight, and I saw Kick-Ass the other day and it was awesome. And thus ends this edition of ThesePeople’s pop culture review….or does it?

    We hope you enjoyed the debut of our “QUICKIES” last week with “Up Your Butt”. You can look forward to (or I guess dread) a lot of quick, fun sketches like that in the future. We’re all about getting content in your face at all times.

    Today however, we bring you a full-fledged new sketch. We’re very excited about this one and think it’ll find a nice little home in the current Internet social networking trend, and NO, it’s not about Chatroulette. (surprisingly). This is a little ditty we call “Whoresquare” which pretty much does exactly what the increasingly popular app “Foursquare” does except… sexier.

    This sketch was shot in Hollywood, California with the help of the ThesePeople West Cost team Joel Slabaugh, and Ryan Mason. PLUS it features an appearance from Lauren, star of the 15th most watched comedy video of ALL TIME on YouTube, “Homemade Porn” and the more respectable, but less watched “Killing Button”. Yes, you get ALL that, PLUS original music from the great Matt Raetzel.

    Hope you guys dig this one! With your help we can go big! So digg it, Facebook it, Friendster it, hell, check into it on Foursquare.

    And as always, keep the pin requests coming! If you haven’t gotten your pin yet, hold tight they’re on their way! Also, while you’re here pick up some great ThesePeople stuff like DVDs or T-shirts. You’re gonna want to get in on the ground floor before ‘Whoresquare’ makes us so big that we’re the first guests on Conan’s new show on TBS and you can’t get a hold of us.

    Have a good one!
    MaTT and ThesePeople

  • Quickies!

    2010 Apr 13

    What is up Everyone!

    How are you?

    Anyone else as excited as I am that it’s Baseball season?

    Go Tigers!

    I’m here today because I wanted to drop a quick blog on you all to let you know ThesePeople are adding a new bit of spice to our normal awesome sketches.


    Because we don’t like the gaps that come in between releasing sketches any more than you do we’ve taken to shooting super short sketches whenever a couple of us can get together. This maximizes our time, and your laughter, and everyone wins.

    We have a few of these stored up we’ll be dropping on you in the coming months and wanted to start you off with a little number called “Up Your Butt”. The REAL beauty of these quickies is that I don’t have to write plot synopsis. They’re so short, by the time you’re done reading this you could have watched “Up Your Butt” like 6 times. So please do. Watch it again and again and let us know what you think of the NEW Format. And don’t worry we still have plenty of full size sketch fun coming at you.

    Luv u lots,
    MaTT and ThesePeople

    And again GO TIGERS!

  • The Incredible Journey

    2010 Mar 24

    What is up Campers!?

    Welcome to Mid-March. The great dull stretch of time before baseball, good weather or anything cool.

    Well, we thought we’d do something to help pass the time. Release a sketch. This is a little number called “Hoodward Bound: The Incredible Journey (based on the novel ‘PUSH’ by Sapphire.”) and we’re quite proud of it. In fact, ThesePeople’s Tim says “This could be my new favorite sketch of all time.” And he’s not even in it.

    ‘Hoodward Bound: The Incredible Journey’ tells the heartwarming and at times terrifying tale of a poor hoodie that gets forgotten in the back seat of a car and must make his way home to his owner.

    Some people may notice a strong similarity between the name and plotline of this sketch and the name and plotline of the 1993 family film “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”. Let me assure you, that is purely a coincidence. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

    Check out our latest here, or on our YouTube page. And hey, feel free to subscribe on YouTube if you’re not already, tell your friends!

    In addition to this new sketch we’ve been hard at work on some other new material, including a new breed of ThesePeople “Quickies”. We’ve stock piled of a few super short comedy masterpieces in hopes of preventing longer wait periods between sketches. This way you guys get MORE comedy, in more consistent doses. And that will leave us ALL smiling.

    Thanks a lot for watching and PLEASE keep those pin requests coming! We’ll be doing a mass mailing soon! And don’t forget to pick up a ThesePeople DVD or T-shirt. They make the perfect Easter gift.

    Stay awesome,
    MaTT and ThesePeople.

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