• From an Undisclosed Location

    2012 Jul 1

    Hey everyone, our webmaster has been beaten for not keeping the site up to date. Did you miss that really great terrace?

    Or the time the zombie apocalypse happened?

    Everyone up to speed now? Good, because we’ve got some big news to share… BUT NOT JUST YET! Right now we’re [redacted verb] in [redacted proper noun], [redacted verb] a [redacted noun]. In a few [redacted length of time] we’ll be able to [redacted verb] it with you all!


    2011 Oct 4

    Hello Friends!

    How’s everything? Did you miss us? We missed you. A lot. You never write anymore! Oh that’s because we took the address off the site, well that is for the best, we couldn’t keep up with the volume of fan mail, but that doesn’t mean we love you any less.

    Anyway, we know it’s OCTOBER, but today’s new sketch ISN’T part of our annual Shocktobersketch Horror/Comedy festival. In fact, the only thing scary about THIS sketch is how GOOD IT LOOKS! That’s right! Welcome to the dawning of a new era, THESEPEOPLE HD!

    Our first offering is a little something we call, “What is this Line For?” it’s part sketch, part song, and all funny. Written, produced and shot by the ThesePeople NYC crew (Matt, Wheeler, and Mike) and featuring a literal cast of thousands we very much hope you enjoy and then change your ringtone to the “What is this Line For?” song.

    We’ve got some more shiny HD stuff shot and we’re developing some scary funny stuff for this Halloween, our goal is to have it out by Thanksgiving.

    Enjoy the vids and post on our facebook wall!

    That always feels so good,

  • “Oh my God, I’ve been scrapbooking.”

    2011 Jun 6

    Hey Everyone,

    We’re back! New material! I know it seems like we’ve been gone for a while, but that’s because (and I think we can tell the press this now) ThesePeople are actually SEAL Team 6. So we were a little busy.

    Anyway, today’s offering is a star studded Internet crossover to end all Internet crossovers. It stars myself (Matt) along with Six Finger Fist’s Dwayne Bartholomew and Sean Cameron of the upcoming Mort and Friends. Both of these blokes are no strangers to ThesePeople’s Internets as you can see Dwayne in “Professor Pals” and the cult hit “Hot Dogs Anytime” while Sean chews the scenery in “The Englishman” and “Ghostel”.

    This sketch was once again shot in a fancy hotel out on the Left Coast and was shot and masterfully edited by our good friend Joel Slabaugh.

    Should I tell you what it is now? Probably. I wanted to give you all the back story first so you know all the people who donated their valuable time and talents and that way you don’t just see the title and then go watch the sketch…oh right…THE SKETCH! It’s called “The Lame-Over” and it’s a parody of the popular film “The Hangover” except these three guys had a very different kind of night.

    We hope you enjoy the sketch! I think this will be our summer blockbuster and shatter all previous opening week numbers for a movie parody sketch.

    We’ll see you again real soon!

  • Goose Egg!

    2011 Feb 28

    We’re baaaaaaaack!

    That’s right, ladies and gents, ThesePeople have risen from their graves ala Altered Beast (ask your older brothers) for a new year of new comedy! And now we’re in a new city, New York City! (also don’t be surprised if this year features sketches from Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and of course Detroit.)

    I’ve been in NY for nearly a year now and I’ve found two things: first, I found some great people to collaborate with. (You’ll meet some of them in this sketch.) Secondly, I’ve learned that I absolutely LOVE Big Buck Hunter. It’s pretty much the funnest thing in the world, and nothing is more satisfying than killing a huge elephant for your trophy animal.

    Today’s sketch combines these two things, presenting…”Buck Hunter” starring myself, and new friends of ThesePeople Jon, Wheeler and Dee. It tells the cautionary tale of what happens when video game taunting goes too far.

    We really hope you enjoy it, it’s got action, adventure, some comedy, and a lot of great special effects from our editor Mr. Steve Immer.

    This winter we’ve been stockpiling scripts and meeting lots of new people to work with so we can start making more of the comedy you helped make more popular than Susan Boyle on YouTube.

    So watch, comment, like us on Facebook and most importantly…enjoy!

    Stay tuned and stay awesome,
    MaTT and ThesePeople

  • A Vampire Hunter Who is Homeless, not a Hunter of Homeless Vampires, Okay?

    2010 Oct 20

    Happy Halloween Boys and Ghouls!!!

    You didn’t think your old pals ThesePeople were going to leave you high and dry for Halloween, did you!?

    Well, did you!?!

    No? Good. Because we didn’t. PRESENTING a project near and dear to my heart “EDISON PRICE: HOMELESS VAMPIRE HUNTER” ThesePeople’s first ever web-series. We shot this a while back with a team of ThesePeople all stars and we’ve been waiting for the right moment to share it with the world, and what better time, than Shocktobersketch 5?

    That’s right 5 years of ThesePeople Horror Comedy.

    Edison Price: Homeless Vampire Hunter is about Edison Price, a homeless vampire hunter, portrayed brilliantly by star of “Sex Addict” and “WhoreSquare” Ryan Mason who is a vampire hunter going through some tough times. He makes an unlikely friend in Jack (that’s me! Matt!), a young professional with a very serious problem only Edison can help him with.

    In the episode look for ThesePeople favorite Kim Cooper, one of my favorite brothers, Paul, and for a split second NICK! Plus, more surprise guests are coming up in future episodes, so grab some garlic and stay tuned.

    We love you all!

    Happy Halloween!
    MaTT and ThesePeople.

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