• Best of ThesePeople Vol. 1

    2009 May 6

    DVD Cover
    $5 U.S. orders only please.

    ThesePeople have taken 26 of our favorite sketches and put them on to ONE action packed DVD, complete with drunken commentary from the troupe, and all sorts of never before seen bonus materials to make the DVD worth your dollar!

    You’ll see unreleased sketches, troupe interviews, and even a behind the scenes featurette! We’ve even got Dinosaurs!! Ok, we don’t have Dinosaurs, but the DVD is pretty awesome without them. Just $5! All DVD orders come with a free ThesePeople sticker and probably some other stuff too.

    For questions or more info you can email us at

    dvd beauty shot

    Here’s the complete list of sketches appearing for the first time in “high-definition”1:

    1. K.I.T.E.
    2. You’re The Dummy
    3. JOLCats
    4. Please Do Not Use
    5. Birthday Jinx
    6. Absentminded
    7. The Jacket
    8. WereDouche
    9. Englishman
    10. To Catch a Predator
    11. Polaroid
    12. Talent Show
    13. People Pets
    14. Late Night Ride
    15. Zach Braff vs. Seth Rogen
    16. Homemade Porn
    17. Stick It In Burger
    18. Magic Tampons
    19. Finishing Touches
    20. Jogger
    21. Full Throttle Douche Bottle
    22. Quantum Lapse
    23. Potato Buddy
    24. Dead Girls Gone Wild
    25. Carl the Christmas Clown
    26. Killing Button

    1 High-Definition when compared to the YouTube quality you’re familiar with.

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