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Back like a vertebrae.

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

What up everybody!?

Happy new year! I know it’s a little late, but trust me it’s the worth the wait.

You see what happened was we took a little time off for the holidays after a record breaking year of producing 44 original and hilarious sketches. Then 2K7 came and we were raring to go, but then came new jobs, scheduling conflicts, medical abnormalities, and Joel going to Paris. Which held us up a bit. A few of you even got concerned and started worrying that we might not be making any new sketches. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re going to be working even harder this year than last, especially since now people are actually watching.

Which brings us to why we’re here today. Presenting the premiere These People sketch of 2007, entitled “Absentminded.” From take one of this shoot we new the magic was back, so we hope you enjoy this first offering of what promises to be our funniest year yet.*

Oh yeah, we lost NBC’s Best Viral Video of 2006; BUT we lost to Conan O’Brien, which in our book is an honor. Thanks to everyone who voted and left comments. We know there were a lot of you and it means a lot to us.

So check out the new video and let us know what you think of Absentminded and stay tuned for more news and more sketches. Seriously, stay right there… and Digg us.
– Joel

*Increase in funniness not guaranteed.

These People Featured on The Daily Reel’s Top 10

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Hey Everyone,

Just stopping by with a bit of news, first off the sketch that will never go away “POLAROID” is currently featured in the “Top 10” Column on The Daily Reel so stop on by and check out the site and our stuff on the site which is what we can now call “vintage These People.”
You know what’s NEW though!?
We shot our FIRST new sketch of the year last Sunday, and we’ll have it online in the next week or so, so get psyched and everyone start planning your “These People Season Premiere Party!!!”

Hope everyone is swell!

You’ll be hearing from us soon, very soon indeed.

Peace out


Year end lists; yes, we have 1 too

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Hey everyone,

2006 has definitely been the year of These People for our little group. So with it coming to a close I thought I’d take a look back at my personal top 10 These People moments of the year (the views and opinions of Joel do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of These People or it’s partners).
#10) Buying the mannequin that would go on to star in “2 Guys and a Mannequin” :
There wasn’t quite a troupe yet, but how could I pass up this bargain? He’s great and he still scares visitors to my house.

#9) The Bing Bong Brothers :
OK, not specifically a These People moment but we got a lot of mileage out of this song in pre/post shoot recreation time.

#8) Launching the site:
God, what a weight of my shoulders that was. Now I get started on v. 2

#7) Getting T-shirts printed:
I really couldn’t have asked for a better logo and Cathy really delivered. I want it on everything.

#6) It’s Your Show calling me and asking to “speak with These People, please”:
“Uh, I’m a representative of These People, how may I help you?”

#5) Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival:
Everyone there was really great to us and I can’t wait to do it again next year. We won another film fest, but you never forget your first.

#4) The 1st photo shoot with John:
Just so much fun. So much that we did it again for the upcoming DVD.

#3) NBC’s Best of 2006 nomination:
Yes, it just happened yesterday, but it’s insane!

#2) MDA summer camp:
Made great new friends and met so many cool people. And I’d never been to camp before 😉

#1) Yahoo! Talent Show finalists:
Top 20 out of what? 4000? Not bad. What a nerve racking few weeks that was.
So that’s it. Thank you’s to everyone who’s chosen to follow our little adventures this year. While I love doing this for myself and have a lot of fun working with my friends to do something fulfilling, it certainly makes it a lot sweeter to know you guys are out there watching and enjoying it too. Thanks for the support, we’ll see you in 2K7.

Conan, The Office, and These People?!

Friday, December 29th, 2006

Thanks so much Sgore for alerting us to the fact that NBC has put “Polaroid” in the running for Best of 2006 Viral Video, inexplicably alongside The Office, “Lazy Sunday,” and Conan’s Emmy opening. Huh???

Click the image below to go right to the site and vote!

These People FEATURED on

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

That’s right! These People go international! After one day of being featured on’s front page under “FUN” our arguably most controversial sketch “Finishing Touches” has gotten over 18,000 views and still going as of the time I’m writing this!

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