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“Viral Video Showdown”

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Tonight is the premiere of Viral Video Showdown on SyFy, something we were a part of earlier this summer. In July These People from across the land gathered in NYC with 4 days and $5000 to face off against some schmoes in LA with the goal of making the viral-est, video-est YouTube clip ever. Or something. A television crew followed our exploits. Things got weird.

In August we all flew to LA to stand before the judges and found out just who’s cool cine reigned supreme-y.

Now, our episode airs NEXT week (you WILL be reminded again) but we should all probably watch tonight’s ep together to what the other teams had to contend with.


From an Undisclosed Location

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Hey everyone, our webmaster has been beaten for not keeping the site up to date. Did you miss that really great terrace?

Or the time the zombie apocalypse happened?

Everyone up to speed now? Good, because we’ve got some big news to share… BUT NOT JUST YET! Right now we’re [redacted verb] in [redacted proper noun], [redacted verb] a [redacted noun]. In a few [redacted length of time] we’ll be able to [redacted verb] it with you all!


Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Hello Friends!

How’s everything? Did you miss us? We missed you. A lot. You never write anymore! Oh that’s because we took the address off the site, well that is for the best, we couldn’t keep up with the volume of fan mail, but that doesn’t mean we love you any less.

Anyway, we know it’s OCTOBER, but today’s new sketch ISN’T part of our annual Shocktobersketch Horror/Comedy festival. In fact, the only thing scary about THIS sketch is how GOOD IT LOOKS! That’s right! Welcome to the dawning of a new era, THESEPEOPLE HD!

Our first offering is a little something we call, “What is this Line For?” it’s part sketch, part song, and all funny. Written, produced and shot by the ThesePeople NYC crew (Matt, Wheeler, and Mike) and featuring a literal cast of thousands we very much hope you enjoy and then change your ringtone to the “What is this Line For?” song.

We’ve got some more shiny HD stuff shot and we’re developing some scary funny stuff for this Halloween, our goal is to have it out by Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the vids and post on our facebook wall!

That always feels so good,

Back to School, Back to Comedy

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Hey All!

It’s Matt live from my sexy leather couch in my cozy Brooklyn Apartment. How are you guys? Ready to laugh? You guys are still into laughing, right? GOOD.

Here’s another gem from ThesePeople starring Jeff and Pretty Doctor Tim, Pediatric Gynecologist.

It’s called “Foods That Aren’t Meat” and to tell you anymore would be to ruin it. I can tell you it was originally conceived in Los Angeles with our dear friend (and star of Sex Addict and Buddy Escorts) Ryan Mason, but we didn’t get a chance to shoot it out there.

THEN we were supposed to shoot it in Detroit in Tim’s apartment, but I forgot a very important prop on our shoot day. So we went all over Detroit trying to find a replacement, but as it turns out there are no operational stores in Detroit so that hindered our process. We ended up just shooting it back at my place in my basement. Great story, right? You’re welcome.

Back at the ThesePeople ranch we’re trying to rustle up some exciting Halloween offerings for you, as we love to do this time of year. We’re thinking “The Human Millipede”… you guys into that? Good.

Hope you guys are enjoying fall, fantasy football, and collecting a lot of syllabi. Enjoy the new sketch! More coming soon!

Miss u,
MaTT and ThesePeople

100 Uploads and some ThesePeople News

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Hello Everyone!

How are you? I know before I’ve said “it’s been a while” but this time really “IT’S BEEN A WHILE.” You’ve probably been wondering where your beloved ThesePeople are. Make no mistake, we are still here, just where “here” is has become a little different as I (Matt) have recently moved to New York City. So that puts me in NYC, Joel and Steve in Chicago and Jeff, Tim, Nick and Aaron back in Detroit. We’re not breaking up, we’re expanding.

But because I have been moving, settling into a new job and drinking a lot there has not been a ton of time to make new stuff, HOWEVER before I left we shot quite a few funny shorts that we will be sharing over the next month or two while I start shooting a bunch of new stuff that all takes place in Times Square.

The first of those shorts? Today’s offering “What’s that Noise?” It’s only a minute long so I won’t bother describing it, but I will say if you’re a fan of our redheaded actress Kim “Kat” Cooper, she’s in it. And for Kat Cooper SUPERFANS listen to her radio talk show “Lansing Next” at

“What’s that Noise?” is also our 100th YouTube upload! HOORAY!!! However it is not technically our 100th sketch as other YouTube uploads include vlogs and “Quickies” that aren’t full fledged sketches like “KITE” or “There’s a Monster in my Sublet” or the 92 other sketches we have done.

Thanks everyone for sticking with us during our little hiatus, we’ll be better about getting new sketches to you more regularly especially now that our editor is done getting engaged (CONGRATS STEVE AND ELIZABETH) and can now get back to what really matters.

So stay tuned, look for lots of fun shorts followed by all new sketches with new faces shot in new places.

And if any of our fans live in the Big Apple please say ‘Hi’ to me on the Subway. I’ll be the guy with headphones in and sunglasses on.

Stay awesome,
MaTT and ThesePeople

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