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“Viral Video Showdown”

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Tonight is the premiere of Viral Video Showdown on SyFy, something we were a part of earlier this summer. In July These People from across the land gathered in NYC with 4 days and $5000 to face off against some schmoes in LA with the goal of making the viral-est, video-est YouTube clip ever. Or something. A television crew followed our exploits. Things got weird.

In August we all flew to LA to stand before the judges and found out just who’s cool cine reigned supreme-y.

Now, our episode airs NEXT week (you WILL be reminded again) but we should all probably watch tonight’s ep together to what the other teams had to contend with.


ThesePeople Live: May 2nd, 2009

Thursday, April 16th, 2009


Hey Every-Body!

Hope you’ve all been enjoying our latest sketch, “Joel’s Addiction,” but we’re here today with a BIGGER message…

We’ve been talking about it, but now the time has come to invite you to it.

The first ever, live ThesePeople event! The ThesePeople DVD Release party.

On May 2nd ThesePeople will be releasing their Best Of… Vol. 1 DVD upon the world (loaded with extras), and we wanted to do it in style.

At 9pm, May 2nd, we are taking over The Belmont bar in Hamtramck, MI, and we’re bringing our favorite Detroit Bands and DJ with us.

ThesePeople will be doing live comedy throughout the night while you’re treated to live performances from:

When the bands stop the music doesn’t.

DJ Grand Dad Crunk will be spinning indie rock awesomeness ’til they kick us out of the bar, so bring your dancing shoes.

PLUS we’ll be having a 50/50 raffle throughout the night with your chance to win some fabulous ThesePeople prizes. (All proceeds from the raffle will be going to the Humane Society.)

This is a HUGE deal for us and we’re planning a lot of fun surprises so I hope you all can make it. For our out of state fans, start driving now! This could be your only chance to meet/assassinate us!

Cover is $5 for 21+, $7 for 18 and up

DVDs will be on sale at the show for $5! Get them there before we jack the price up to $10 on the site starting May 4th.

May 2nd. 2009
The Belmont Bar in Hamtramck, MI
Doors @ 9pm.

See you on the Dance Floor.
MaTT and ThesePeople

Sunny Day, Sweepin’ the Clouds Away

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009


What is up Puppet People?

Happy April Fool’s Day! This year the joke is on/for you, five hilarious minutes of something a little bit different from ThesePeople. Presenting our first outing with the latest ThesePeople investment, four wonderful Muppet-like puppets.

Watch as they star in “There’s a Monster in my Sublet,” a story that could easily be the premise for a DreamWorks animated film, but instead is a ThesePeople sketch.

Hit by these hard economic times Scotty’s parents sublet the space under his bed… to a real MONSTER! Hijinx ensue. And keep this one from the kids, there’s some naughty language.

You can watch all the puppet magic here or of course on our YouTube page where it’d be super cool if you subscribed to us! We’re almost to 10,000 subscribers. I think YouTube sends you a hat if you break that barrier.

And don’t forget! We’re giving out free pins like crazy! Just send us your address and we’ll send you some pins, no matter where you live! We’ve got cool pins for our cool fans and we’ll do what it takes to get them to you. We even bought a ThesePeople return address stamp. THAT’S HOW SERIOUS WE ARE!

BUT now it’s time for the biggest most official-est news of all, and NO this is not an April Fool’s Joke!

SATURDAY MAY 2nd! At the BELMONT in HAMTRAMCK, MI is your chance to see ThesePeople LIVE! (Just like Sesame Street LIVE, but better.)

YES to celebrate the release of our first ever THESEPEOPLE DVD we will be doing some live sketches and showing some of our favorites to a real live audience for the first time ever!

Also, you will be treated to live sets from some of Detroit’s best rock bands like Millions of Brazilians AND when the bands stop we’ll be closing the Belmont down with a dance party featuring DJ Grand Dad Crunk, and he’s promised to play “Pogo” by Digitalism so I am stoked.

So to recap: May 2nd. Belmont. Hamtramck, MI. Meet ThesePeople. See ThesePeople. Be among the FIRST to get the ThesePeople DVD, and most importantly have your FACE ROCKED OFF!

More details as we get them.

Enjoy the Puppets! And Enjoy life!

See you in a couple weeks,
MaTT and ThesePeople

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