2011 Oct 4

    Hello Friends!

    How’s everything? Did you miss us? We missed you. A lot. You never write anymore! Oh that’s because we took the address off the site, well that is for the best, we couldn’t keep up with the volume of fan mail, but that doesn’t mean we love you any less.

    Anyway, we know it’s OCTOBER, but today’s new sketch ISN’T part of our annual Shocktobersketch Horror/Comedy festival. In fact, the only thing scary about THIS sketch is how GOOD IT LOOKS! That’s right! Welcome to the dawning of a new era, THESEPEOPLE HD!

    Our first offering is a little something we call, “What is this Line For?” it’s part sketch, part song, and all funny. Written, produced and shot by the ThesePeople NYC crew (Matt, Wheeler, and Mike) and featuring a literal cast of thousands we very much hope you enjoy and then change your ringtone to the “What is this Line For?” song.

    We’ve got some more shiny HD stuff shot and we’re developing some scary funny stuff for this Halloween, our goal is to have it out by Thanksgiving.

    Enjoy the vids and post on our facebook wall!

    That always feels so good,

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