• “Oh my God, I’ve been scrapbooking.”

    2011 Jun 6

    Hey Everyone,

    We’re back! New material! I know it seems like we’ve been gone for a while, but that’s because (and I think we can tell the press this now) ThesePeople are actually SEAL Team 6. So we were a little busy.

    Anyway, today’s offering is a star studded Internet crossover to end all Internet crossovers. It stars myself (Matt) along with Six Finger Fist’s Dwayne Bartholomew and Sean Cameron of the upcoming Mort and Friends. Both of these blokes are no strangers to ThesePeople’s Internets as you can see Dwayne in “Professor Pals” and the cult hit “Hot Dogs Anytime” while Sean chews the scenery in “The Englishman” and “Ghostel”.

    This sketch was once again shot in a fancy hotel out on the Left Coast and was shot and masterfully edited by our good friend Joel Slabaugh.

    Should I tell you what it is now? Probably. I wanted to give you all the back story first so you know all the people who donated their valuable time and talents and that way you don’t just see the title and then go watch the sketch…oh right…THE SKETCH! It’s called “The Lame-Over” and it’s a parody of the popular film “The Hangover” except these three guys had a very different kind of night.

    We hope you enjoy the sketch! I think this will be our summer blockbuster and shatter all previous opening week numbers for a movie parody sketch.

    We’ll see you again real soon!

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