• Goose Egg!

    2011 Feb 28

    We’re baaaaaaaack!

    That’s right, ladies and gents, ThesePeople have risen from their graves ala Altered Beast (ask your older brothers) for a new year of new comedy! And now we’re in a new city, New York City! (also don’t be surprised if this year features sketches from Chicago, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and of course Detroit.)

    I’ve been in NY for nearly a year now and I’ve found two things: first, I found some great people to collaborate with. (You’ll meet some of them in this sketch.) Secondly, I’ve learned that I absolutely LOVE Big Buck Hunter. It’s pretty much the funnest thing in the world, and nothing is more satisfying than killing a huge elephant for your trophy animal.

    Today’s sketch combines these two things, presenting…”Buck Hunter” starring myself, and new friends of ThesePeople Jon, Wheeler and Dee. It tells the cautionary tale of what happens when video game taunting goes too far.

    We really hope you enjoy it, it’s got action, adventure, some comedy, and a lot of great special effects from our editor Mr. Steve Immer.

    This winter we’ve been stockpiling scripts and meeting lots of new people to work with so we can start making more of the comedy you helped make more popular than Susan Boyle on YouTube.

    So watch, comment, like us on Facebook and most importantly…enjoy!

    Stay tuned and stay awesome,
    MaTT and ThesePeople

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