• A Vampire Hunter Who is Homeless, not a Hunter of Homeless Vampires, Okay?

    2010 Oct 20

    Happy Halloween Boys and Ghouls!!!

    You didn’t think your old pals ThesePeople were going to leave you high and dry for Halloween, did you!?

    Well, did you!?!

    No? Good. Because we didn’t. PRESENTING a project near and dear to my heart “EDISON PRICE: HOMELESS VAMPIRE HUNTER” ThesePeople’s first ever web-series. We shot this a while back with a team of ThesePeople all stars and we’ve been waiting for the right moment to share it with the world, and what better time, than Shocktobersketch 5?

    That’s right 5 years of ThesePeople Horror Comedy.

    Edison Price: Homeless Vampire Hunter is about Edison Price, a homeless vampire hunter, portrayed brilliantly by star of “Sex Addict” and “WhoreSquare” Ryan Mason who is a vampire hunter going through some tough times. He makes an unlikely friend in Jack (that’s me! Matt!), a young professional with a very serious problem only Edison can help him with.

    In the episode look for ThesePeople favorite Kim Cooper, one of my favorite brothers, Paul, and for a split second NICK! Plus, more surprise guests are coming up in future episodes, so grab some garlic and stay tuned.

    We love you all!

    Happy Halloween!
    MaTT and ThesePeople.

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