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Back to School, Back to Comedy

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Hey All!

It’s Matt live from my sexy leather couch in my cozy Brooklyn Apartment. How are you guys? Ready to laugh? You guys are still into laughing, right? GOOD.

Here’s another gem from ThesePeople starring Jeff and Pretty Doctor Tim, Pediatric Gynecologist.

It’s called “Foods That Aren’t Meat” and to tell you anymore would be to ruin it. I can tell you it was originally conceived in Los Angeles with our dear friend (and star of Sex Addict and Buddy Escorts) Ryan Mason, but we didn’t get a chance to shoot it out there.

THEN we were supposed to shoot it in Detroit in Tim’s apartment, but I forgot a very important prop on our shoot day. So we went all over Detroit trying to find a replacement, but as it turns out there are no operational stores in Detroit so that hindered our process. We ended up just shooting it back at my place in my basement. Great story, right? You’re welcome.

Back at the ThesePeople ranch we’re trying to rustle up some exciting Halloween offerings for you, as we love to do this time of year. We’re thinking “The Human Millipede”… you guys into that? Good.

Hope you guys are enjoying fall, fantasy football, and collecting a lot of syllabi. Enjoy the new sketch! More coming soon!

Miss u,
MaTT and ThesePeople

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