• It’s Foursquare for the people you bang!

    2010 Apr 20

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    How is it going? I’m doing great, because LOST is on tonight, and I saw Kick-Ass the other day and it was awesome. And thus ends this edition of ThesePeople’s pop culture review….or does it?

    We hope you enjoyed the debut of our “QUICKIES” last week with “Up Your Butt”. You can look forward to (or I guess dread) a lot of quick, fun sketches like that in the future. We’re all about getting content in your face at all times.

    Today however, we bring you a full-fledged new sketch. We’re very excited about this one and think it’ll find a nice little home in the current Internet social networking trend, and NO, it’s not about Chatroulette. (surprisingly). This is a little ditty we call “Whoresquare” which pretty much does exactly what the increasingly popular app “Foursquare” does except… sexier.

    This sketch was shot in Hollywood, California with the help of the ThesePeople West Cost team Joel Slabaugh, and Ryan Mason. PLUS it features an appearance from Lauren, star of the 15th most watched comedy video of ALL TIME on YouTube, “Homemade Porn” and the more respectable, but less watched “Killing Button”. Yes, you get ALL that, PLUS original music from the great Matt Raetzel.

    Hope you guys dig this one! With your help we can go big! So digg it, Facebook it, Friendster it, hell, check into it on Foursquare.

    And as always, keep the pin requests coming! If you haven’t gotten your pin yet, hold tight they’re on their way! Also, while you’re here pick up some great ThesePeople stuff like DVDs or T-shirts. You’re gonna want to get in on the ground floor before ‘Whoresquare’ makes us so big that we’re the first guests on Conan’s new show on TBS and you can’t get a hold of us.

    Have a good one!
    MaTT and ThesePeople

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