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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

What is up Everyone!

How are you?

Anyone else as excited as I am that it’s Baseball season?

Go Tigers!

I’m here today because I wanted to drop a quick blog on you all to let you know ThesePeople are adding a new bit of spice to our normal awesome sketches.


Because we don’t like the gaps that come in between releasing sketches any more than you do we’ve taken to shooting super short sketches whenever a couple of us can get together. This maximizes our time, and your laughter, and everyone wins.

We have a few of these stored up we’ll be dropping on you in the coming months and wanted to start you off with a little number called “Up Your Butt”. The REAL beauty of these quickies is that I don’t have to write plot synopsis. They’re so short, by the time you’re done reading this you could have watched “Up Your Butt” like 6 times. So please do. Watch it again and again and let us know what you think of the NEW Format. And don’t worry we still have plenty of full size sketch fun coming at you.

Luv u lots,
MaTT and ThesePeople

And again GO TIGERS!

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