• “Women be shoppin'”

    2009 Dec 31

    Happy New Year Everybody!

    As the year winds down so does another thrilling and, at times, hilarious ThesePeople season of comedy.

    We leave you with a just (barely) in time for New Year’s Sketch “Midnight Kiss” starring our good friend and founding member Kim “Kat” Cooper.

    This year brought a lot of firsts for ThesePeople including our first DVD (on sale on the site now) and our first ever STAGE performance. Not only that, we cranked out 19 more sketches for you to enjoy.

    We are looking forward to trying some new things and finally getting around to a pile of scripts we’ve got stored up in 2K10 (spoiler alert some scripts are CAT related) so we hope you’ll stay tuned for more of our general Internet wackiness.

    As people sometimes do at the end of a year (or season) we like to look back at the year that has passed and call out our favorite ThesePeople moments. Rather than make a hokey list, we’ll just call out every member’s favorite sketch (luckily there weren’t a lot of repeats)

    Matt: Hairy Guyz
    Jeff: Help Keep Cat off the Streets
    Joel: Guitar Hero for Girls
    Nick: Mindblowers
    Tim: Matthew and Timothy: Amazing Magicians
    Steve: Mindblowers (I guess 2 votes makes “Mindblowers” #1)

    So there you have it kids! Go out there for New Year’s, get drunk, be safe, kiss some one, and then blog about it.

    See you in the next Decade my loves,

    MaTT and ThesePeople

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