• Thanks so much for those hot dogs!

    2009 Dec 8

    Hey Guys,
    How’s it going?

    Matt here to share with you the latest ThesePeople creation shot earlier this year in LOVELY Los Angeles in 109 degree weather. This is a sketch we’ve been excited about for a while, but had to wait to get SHOCKTOBERSKETCH IV to be done and buried before its release.

    This sketch features our good friend and fellow creator of comedy Dwayne Bartholomew who devotees may remember from “Professor Pals.” This time we took the cameras to his turf and made a little piece of funny we call “Hot Dogs, Anytime.” Once again inspired by a true story… sort of (thanks Ciara). And for “Hot Dogs” we have to throw a huge thanks out to our once again guest editor/special effects guru Joel Slabaugh.

    We’re working around the clock to get you one more sketch for 2009, and we’re prepping for 2010 with a mighty fury. So we hope you stay tuned as always.

    On the Atom.com/Comedy Central front we’re doing very well in the polls, but voting goes until Friday, so every vote counts. If you haven’t heard or done so already we’d really appreciate you taking a moment to help us out on Twenty-Something Normal Turtle here: http://www.atom.com/showdown. And if you’ve already voted, well thanks! A little bit of that turtle costume belongs to you now.

    Also on the ThesePeople Button front we just sent out 70 pins to fans and friends so please keep those requests coming! If you got some of your very own, remember to show them off on our Facebook page.

    AND don’t forget!! Nothing makes a better Xmas Gift for the ThesePeople fan in your life than a ThesePeople DVD NOW just $5! Or even better? A ThesePeople T-shirt! Available in most sizes.

    Thanks for watching and we’ll talk at ya real soon,
    Happy Holidays!
    MaTT and ThesePeople

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