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SHHHH! Zombies…

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Happy…Late Halloween or Early Thanksgiving!

Close enough, right?

Hope you guys had a great Halloween, we didn’t seem to get any pictures of people dressing up as ThesePeople characters! What gives? No one went as “Homemade Porn girl”? All you need are shorts and a bra. I’m sure some one did, and maybe didn’t even realize it.

Actually speaking of Homemade Porn girl… guess who is in our latest sketch. If you guessed Nick! Well… you’re right, but what I was setting up here is that the star of Homemade Porn herself, Lauren is BACK for her third ThesePeople appearance.

Today she stars in “Romance is Undead.” A sketch intended to come out a few weeks back to be Halloween topical, but instead is being released now to keep the Halloween spirit alive a bit longer. This sketch needed a lot of people to help out so I have to give a tremendous shout out once again to Aaron Moring for lending his skills to the audio side of things and a super big thanks to my own brother Paul Cassatta for strutting his editing stuff for the first time on a ThesePeople sketch while Steve was away on business. Great work all around!

“Romance is Undead” tells the story of the strange bedfellows zombie invasions tend to make.

This puts a close to our elongated and very successful SHOCKTOBERSKETCH IV, we hope you enjoyed it! And encourage you to go check out “Mindblowers,” and “Burn Barn” if you’ve not seen them yet or if you want to laugh again.

Lots more fun coming up as the year winds down. So please stay tuned!

And keep those ThesePeople Button Requests coming! We’re going to do a mass mailing soon.

You guys are my favorites and I’m not just saying that,
MaTT and ThesePeople

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