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Mindblowers is Mind Blowing!

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Hey Boos and Ghouls!!! (that was supposed to be “boys and girls” did you get it?)

Happy Halloween!!!

We are halfway through October and our Halloween excitement is at fever pitch! Today I’m taking a quick time out from choosing between being Billy Mays or David Carradine for Halloween to share with you all the FIRST of our Shocktobersketches, a scary little number we call “Mindblowers.”

An evil terror is on the loose blowing minds and only one rookie renegade cop can bring him to justice… or can he?

You can check it out on BooTube, or right here on our homepage.

This is our first entry in our FOURTH year of Shocktobersketches, we have two more to come before October is out, and we’re very excited for all of them.

Today’s sketch “Mindblowers” is full of surprises, including one very big one in particular. Long time ThesePeople fans will notice the triumphant return of our good friend and original ThesePeople member, Aaron. “Mindblowers” also features our good friends Ciara, Rachel and a mindblowing cameo from our perennial corpse actress Birgit.

Speaking of Shocktobersketches, we’ve been getting a lot of emails and texts lately about Richard Kelly ripping off last year’s runaway hit, “The Killing Button” in his new movie “The Box.” And yes, he absolutely did, tell your friends. (Some lines from the trailer are a DIRECT lift.) But in fairness we ripped off the sketch from a 1980s Twilight Zone episode that ripped it off from an old ghost story. Although I have no idea how they’re going to stretch what we did in 5 minutes into an hour and a half, I’m probably going to see it anyway out of curiosity.

See you guys next week for Shocktobersketch Part 2 featuring the star of “Homemade Porn” and “Killing Button,” Lauren AND some Zombies! You won’t want to miss that!

Happy Hauntings,
MaTT and ThesePeople

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