• Zero in a half shell.

    2009 Sep 29

    Hey Strangers,
    It’s your good pals ThesePeople here with some exciting new news! We’ve got a new sketch! It’s been a long time in the works, but we finally have our latest and greatest for you, “Twenty-Something Normal Turtle.”

    Featuring an amazing song recorded by our good friend Matt Raetzel, and featuring the vocal stylings of “ThesePeople.” TSNT tells the story of the 5th lesser known and under-appreciated mutated turtle from the mid-80s whose life without Master Splinter’s guidance turned out less than splendid.

    This sketch is a big deal for us (mostly because it justified us buying a full body turtle costume) because it’s been a bit since our last sketch and this sketch was truly a team effort that we’re VERY proud of.

    More good news is that this is sketch 1 of 4 all-new sketches we are in post production on and we’ve only got ONE more Shocktobersketch to shoot for this year’s amazing 3 sketch series featuring our favorite type of comedy… HORROR comedy. So if you’ve been hungry for some new material, we are going to bombard you with stuff over the next month and a half.

    And don’t forget to keep those pins request coming, we’re going to spend a whole ThesePeople meeting answering fan mail soon.

    Our next release will kick off Shocktobersketch IV, as we all get ready for the Halloween season, but for now, please to enjoy “Twenty-Something Normal Turtle” right here on our site or on our beloved YouTube page.

    Tell your friends.

    Stay awesome, and good luck picking out a Halloween costume! If anyone out there is a ThesePeople character for Halloween send us a picture and we’ll send YOU a ThesePeople prize pack. “Slutty versions” of ThesePeople characters get the deluxe prize pack.


    See you in a couple weeks,
    MaTT and ThesePeople

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