• Don’t Worry, Jenny is Spoken For

    2009 Jul 27

    Hey Guys!

    Miss us? We missed you!

    Hope you’ve been enjoying watching and re-watching “Hairy Guyz” for the last few weeks, and by the looks of the views I think some of you have been. If for nothing else at least than the ads YouTube put next to it promoting “Gay Cowboy Central.com.” There really are sites out there to help anyone to meet anyone.

    This week’s offering is something a little different, a little “out there,” a little “against the grain,” and a lot “ThesePeople.”

    It’s called “The Self-Deprecating Bachelorette” and it’s based on a true story… well the first 30-45 seconds really happened, and we made the rest up.

    It’s about a young lady on the verge of a wedding who deems herself SO unlovable she must set all males everywhere at ease by letting them know they’ll never have to date her.

    You can check the sketch out right here:

    For anyone out there who has requested pins, we are ON TOP OF IT, and by “on top of it” I mean, “really running behind” BUT we will get them to you. It is always our concern that as many people out there as possible be explaining to people what the totally awesome pin on their backpack means. Thanks for your patience!

    In other ThesePeople news, we have recently finished shooting TWO new shorts that we think will make your next few weeks a lot funnier. Also, the most perfectly named and marketed sketch EVER “Homemade Porn” continues it’s reign of awesomeness, it has broken the 14 MILLION view mark and is now the 73rd MOST WATCHED Comedy video on YouTube of ALL TIME! Not too shabby for some kids from the D.

    Well until next time my summer loves, enjoy the “Self-Deprecating Bachelorette” and keep your eyes peeled for the sequel, the “Self-Defecating Bachelorette.”

    Your pal 4-Ever,

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