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These Walking Teddy Bears want to Cuddle with You

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Hey Bearcats!

Matt here to bring you some summer fun and a hot new sketch that will turn you on as much as it makes you laugh… if you’re a very specific type of female.

You see, sometimes people have accused ThesePeople of objectifying women, most recently, Bill O’Reilly. (True story.) So we wanted to flip the script, turn the tables, spin the bottle and turn everything you thought you knew upside down by giving the fellas a chance to strut their stuff.

Introducing “Hairy Guyz,” a chat line for girls who like to run their fingers through their man’s chest hair while they spoon. (In this scenario the girl would have to be the big spoon.)

Check it out herez:

In other ThesePeople news, we have recently passed 10,000 subscribers on the YouTube and 12,000,000 views for “Homemade Porn,” and speaking of “Homemade Porn” it is the 92nd89th most viewed Comedy video on YouTube of ALL TIME! So, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our fans for helping us be an actual YouTube presence in the endless void of Internet video.

We’d like to thank you by sending you a pin OR selling you a DVD or T-shirt! Details for all are available on the site!

We’ll see you in July! Have a great 4th. Don’t blow your fingers off, you need those.

MaTT and ThesePeople

Hairy Guyz

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

See what all the fuzz is about!! Free comedy podcast from

New T-Shirts Available!

Friday, June 19th, 2009


Hey everyone! If you were at our live show last month you could have already snagged one, but now finally our online store has been updated with new t-shirts. These are heavy weight 100% cotton shirts in navy blue, with an orange ThesePeople face emblazened on front and our web address on back. Get yours today, just click over there in the sidebar!

This Sketch is Pretty Terrible!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

What is up People!?

I know, right? It’s been a while. We do a live show and then fall off the face of the Earth. Well, believe you me, we have some really great excuses.

First off, after the live show we were hungover for like three weeks, and we had to take like a dozen paternity tests (you know how THAT goes). THEN right when we were going to focus on videos again I (Matt) got sent to LA for two weeks, our editor Steve got sent to Dubai (no joke, he’s there right now), and our sound editor Andrew’s car caught fire! So even though we shot “Tim’s Idea” a while ago, it took us a while to get it on the interweb, which is fine, because I really wanted “Keep Cats Off the Streets” to linger for a while.

So that brings us to where we are now… “Tim’s Idea” one of our more bizarre sketches to date, but I love it. It’s a true ensemble sketch, and if you love self-reflexive insanity and explosions, you will love “Tim’s Idea.”

AND while you’re here, why not pick up a ThesePeople DVD!? Just $10 and THAT includes shipping! There is order info on the site. They were made with A LOT of love and care and are LOADED with special features. Definitely worth the $10! Plus you get stickers and pins and stuff when you order, so why the hell not, right?

We’ve got T-shirts for sale too! All new Dark blue with the Orange face! You’ll love them!

We’ll see you in a couple of weeks with a little something for the ladies!

Tim’s Idea

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Tim has a great idea for a new sketch. Free comedy podcast from

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