• Operation: Give Pins to Everyone

    2009 Mar 5

    Our plan to blanket the globe in ThesePeople buttons is going along swimmingly. In an effort to extend our influence into America’s heartland we’re calling out our fans in North and South Dakota, as no one in either Dakota has requested any pins yet. So, the first person in the first Dakota we hear from will get EXTRA pins and maybe an extra treat, like a leftover slice of pizza from one of our shoots (you’ll love a piece of Pepper Bastard), or maybe something less creepy. Come on Dakotas! Let’s get to it!

    Again, all you need to do to get your own is click on the button over there at the right, and give us your address. We’ll sacrifice a stamp (or two) and you’ll get pins, it’s so easy.

    Update: 3/17/09: Yes! Tennessee, Oklahoma AND West Virginia have been added.

    Updated 3/18/09: North Carolina, Latvia, Serbia…

    Updated 4/9/09: We’re not in Kansas anymore.

One Response to “Operation: Give Pins to Everyone”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Just got your pins here in Kansas! I put one on my jacket, gave one to another fan, stuck a sticker on my monitor at work,and another on my car! Any chance of coaxing some of you out here to the mid-west to do a live show at one of my clubs?

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