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Ain’t No Party

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

What up Fun Guys and Gals?

Hope those of you over 21 are recovering from bathing in green beer last night and are ready to get your laugh on. For you kids out there, I hope you wore plenty of green and no one pinched you.

Today ThesePeople are happy to share with you our latest sketch. A little gem we call “Fun Gus.” “Fun Gus” takes place at a party of suspiciously good looking people all abuzz over the arrival of a VERY special guest, everyone’s best friend, Fun Gus.

This sketch has one of our biggest casts to date, and features a lot of familiar ThesePeople faces as well as some new ones. A huge thanks to all of our friends who came to help out. They are too many to list, but we very much appreciate your help. As well as the help of our fabulous post production team, Editor Steve, Sound Engineer Andrew, and Matt R. on the background music.

Please join the party and watch the sketch on our beloved Website OR our equally beloved YouTube page. For every thousand views YouTube gives us a shiny 50-cent piece!

As you guys know we always strive to keep you up to date with ALL of our goings on, so I’d like to mention once again how good our “Operation Give Pins to EVERYONE” is going. As you can see from the map on our homepage, we are in well over half the states, but certain states are driving me nuts because they create big glaring holes in an otherwise coated countryside.

So this week we call out YOU Iowa and Louisiana. Iowa, for shame, you are our Midwestern brethren, you’re telling me no one in that whole state is watching “Full Throttle Douche Bottle” over and over? And Louisiana!? You’re like party town USA and the most haunted state in America (right?) you’re telling me no one like “Dead Girls Gone Wild” and “Ghostel” enough to get some free pins? Come on you guys, step up and be counted. Make your country proud.

And now on to the HUGEST news… EVER… this very weekend those ThesePeople members NOT in Chicago are heading to Chicago to do commentaries for the ALL NEW THESEPEOPLE DVD! Cover art for the DVD is currently in production, and bonus features are being put together. It’s going to be large and in charge.

When can you get this DVD you ask?

Why May 2nd at The Belmont in Hamtramck, MI. The first ever LIVE ThesePeople event featuring support from some of our favorite Detroit musicians including Millions of Brazilians. It will be a night of live comedy, rock and roll, old sketches, new sketches AND a dance party. Plus, your chance to be in a ThesePeople sketch. What more could you ask for!?

DVDs will be available on the site the day AFTER the show for you non-Metro-Detroiters.

Stay tuned to for more details. Questions or comments? Contact us on our website.

Next sketch drops April 1st… why, that’s April Fool’s Day! What a coincidence.

Your pals,
MaTT and ThesePeople

Fun Gus

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Ain’t no party like a Fun Gus party, ’cause a Fun Gus party don’t stop! Free comedy podcast from

Operation: Give Pins to Everyone

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Our plan to blanket the globe in ThesePeople buttons is going along swimmingly. In an effort to extend our influence into America’s heartland we’re calling out our fans in North and South Dakota, as no one in either Dakota has requested any pins yet. So, the first person in the first Dakota we hear from will get EXTRA pins and maybe an extra treat, like a leftover slice of pizza from one of our shoots (you’ll love a piece of Pepper Bastard), or maybe something less creepy. Come on Dakotas! Let’s get to it!

Again, all you need to do to get your own is click on the button over there at the right, and give us your address. We’ll sacrifice a stamp (or two) and you’ll get pins, it’s so easy.

Update: 3/17/09: Yes! Tennessee, Oklahoma AND West Virginia have been added.

Updated 3/18/09: North Carolina, Latvia, Serbia…

Updated 4/9/09: We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Does this mean that I have “the sight”?

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

What’s up everyone?

Hope everyone enjoyed being outraged by our last release “Guitar Hero for Girls” which quickly became one of our most discussed sketches on YouTube of all time. To avoid getting any panties in any bunches we are back this week, with a much “safer” offering. BEHOLD!

GHOSTEL is in many ways a companion piece to “Buddy Escorts” and in many other ways, it is not. Pretty much the only thing it has in common with Buddy Escorts is that it was shot in November of 2008 while I was working in Los Angeles and was edited by our friend, guest editor, and cameo appearance maker Joel Slabaugh.

This sketch stars, and was co-written by, our good friend Sean Cameron who you no doubt all remember from last year’s “The Englishman.” Sean visited the States from London and we took a day between nights of tearing up dance floors, drinking heavily, and confusing each other with slang terms we were unfamiliar with to shoot “Ghostel,” the touching story of a British ghost trapped on Earth until he can finish his special business.

We hope it makes you laugh so hard you spit out your tea.

In all other things ThesePeople our merch is getting cooler and cooler. Soon we’ll have sweet ass vinyl stickers available to the masses, and Operation: Give Pins to EVERYONE is going along swimmingly. On the world scale the UK and Australia have requested pins, along with another Lithuanian fan. As for the US we are holding steady at 24 25 states. Almost halfway there, everyone!

This week we’d like to challenge our fans in North and South Dakota as no one in either Dakota has requested any pins yet. So the first person in the first Dakota we hear from will get EXTRA pins and maybe an extra treat, like a lock of Joel’s hair, or maybe something less creepy. Come on Dakotas! Let’s get to it!

ALSO we have an update on the first ever ThesePeople Live Show/DVD Release party. That’s right DVD Release, and yes… party: Saturday May 2nd, 2009. Update your calendars and stay tuned for details.

Large it up!
MaTT and ThesePeople


Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Matt just wants to unwind in his hotel room, but a super British ghost has other plans. Free comedy podcast from

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