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Free Swag

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Look at that map. Orders for pins are pouring in from across the globe, even as far away as Lithuania… and Canada! All you need to do to get your own is click on the button over there at the right, and give us your address. We’ll sacrifice a stamp and you’ll get pins, it’s so easy.

There’s no better time, because we’ve got new colors coming in very soon!

Update 2/23/09: Our first requests just came in from Alaska! Thank you Kelsey and Thomas!

Update 2/24/09: Alright, what the heck, let’s have a map of the world for all the pins going to foreign lands. Now, foreign addresses scare and confuse us, and we’re not always sure these pins will make it to their intended destinations, or how many stamps it’ll take, but we’ll try our best!

Update 3/2/09: 25 states, 50% there.

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