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You Rock… for a Girl

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Hope you had a weekend full of the truest love and the safest sex. Sorry we’re a little late with your present, but we like to drop the new hotness at the front of the week, and this way if you didn’t get everything you wanted for the most Hallmark of holidays, you get a little something to bring a smile to your face now.

Presenting, ThesePeople’s “Guitar Hero… for Girls.” Though this is our third release of the year, it’s the first thing we actually shot in ’09 and to pull this off we called up some of our best lady friends Kat, Molly, Andrea, and Katy for a ThesePeople sketch almost completely devoid of ThesePeople. Also, I need to give some shout outs to Steve’s hip, edgy, “MTV-esque” editing and our friend Aaron’s sweet and sultry audio mix.

If you love foxy ladies and music simulation video games, this sketch is for you.

Check it (but don’t wreck it)

In other ThesePeople news, keep those button requests pouring in! Some one has to keep the US Postal Service in business, why not us? As we discover where our fans are from we hope to send pins to every state (and country), so if you live in Idaho and are reading this, why not stand up and be counted? You could represent our entire Idaho fan base.

We’ve got a lot more fun to come in the next few weeks, and some serious surprises. Let me be the first to plant a couple of very big seeds. 1.) The long overdue ThesePeople DVD is finally going to happen. B.) ThesePeople…live and on stage? Stay glued to the Interweb for details.

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