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Free Swag

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Look at that map. Orders for pins are pouring in from across the globe, even as far away as Lithuania… and Canada! All you need to do to get your own is click on the button over there at the right, and give us your address. We’ll sacrifice a stamp and you’ll get pins, it’s so easy.

There’s no better time, because we’ve got new colors coming in very soon!

Update 2/23/09: Our first requests just came in from Alaska! Thank you Kelsey and Thomas!

Update 2/24/09: Alright, what the heck, let’s have a map of the world for all the pins going to foreign lands. Now, foreign addresses scare and confuse us, and we’re not always sure these pins will make it to their intended destinations, or how many stamps it’ll take, but we’ll try our best!

Update 3/2/09: 25 states, 50% there.

You Rock… for a Girl

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Hope you had a weekend full of the truest love and the safest sex. Sorry we’re a little late with your present, but we like to drop the new hotness at the front of the week, and this way if you didn’t get everything you wanted for the most Hallmark of holidays, you get a little something to bring a smile to your face now.

Presenting, ThesePeople’s “Guitar Hero… for Girls.” Though this is our third release of the year, it’s the first thing we actually shot in ’09 and to pull this off we called up some of our best lady friends Kat, Molly, Andrea, and Katy for a ThesePeople sketch almost completely devoid of ThesePeople. Also, I need to give some shout outs to Steve’s hip, edgy, “MTV-esque” editing and our friend Aaron’s sweet and sultry audio mix.

If you love foxy ladies and music simulation video games, this sketch is for you.

Check it (but don’t wreck it)

In other ThesePeople news, keep those button requests pouring in! Some one has to keep the US Postal Service in business, why not us? As we discover where our fans are from we hope to send pins to every state (and country), so if you live in Idaho and are reading this, why not stand up and be counted? You could represent our entire Idaho fan base.

We’ve got a lot more fun to come in the next few weeks, and some serious surprises. Let me be the first to plant a couple of very big seeds. 1.) The long overdue ThesePeople DVD is finally going to happen. B.) ThesePeople…live and on stage? Stay glued to the Interweb for details.

Guitar Hero… for Girls

Monday, February 16th, 2009

With 77% as much rocking out as normal Guitar Hero. Free comedy podcast from

Every Sketch Ever!

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Happy February!

Did you know that it was 3 years ago when we had our first ever ThesePeople meeting? Ahhh I remember it like it was yesterday. Like 12 people showed up, and I remember thinking to myself, this is WAY too many people. If I’m going to put myself in every sketch, I need to get rid of at least 8 of them.

Since then the ThesePeople line up has gone through several changes, friends moving on, new friends stepping up, lots of foxy ladies always willing to help, but we never stopped being almost funny.

So, why am I being so nostalgic today? Well, because our latest sketch isn’t so much of a “sketch” as it is a WONDERFUL walk down memory lane.

Presenting the “Every Sketch” Sketch! We figured since last year was such a big one, and since it’s our anniversary, we would put together a giant sketch comprised of favorite moments from all of our sketches as a nice retrospective for old fans and to possibly a way to get newer fans to go back and watch the old stuff. (Cough “Make Us a Sandwich” Cough)

We hope you enjoy this look back at three years and 80 sketches of Hi-larious Internet sketch comedy.


Oh and please keep those pin requests coming. We have been getting requests from everywhere from literally the next city over from me, to Lithuania. It’s kind of nuts, PLUS every request for a FREE pin comes with a FREE Temporary Tattoo, so what do you have to lose? NOTHING. Literally NOTHING.

We’ll be back in a couple weeks with a new sketch that will rock your face off!

Keep it tight,
MaTT and ThesePeople

The “Every Sketch” Sketch

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

A ThesePeople retrospective. Free comedy podcast from

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