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When you need a “friend”

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

My fellow Americans and friends from all over!

Today is a very historic day for the world as the United States has sworn in Barack Obama as our new president, ushering in an era of hope and dignity for the U.S. In slightly less huge news, ThesePeople have launched our 4th season with the premiere of our inaugural sketch of 2009.

We proudly present to you, Buddy Escorts.

Shot in November 2008 while I was traveling for work to Los Angeles, this sketch brought me back together with Ryan Mason and Joel Slabaugh, reuniting the same creative team behind last year’s My, Robot. In this all-new adventure, a lonely business traveler finds a best friend in the back of the classifieds.

Check it out at ThesePeople World Headquarters where you can comment on the video and request FREE ThesePeople pins! That’s right! Free! And we’ll send bonus fun stuff, too!

Also watch it a second time at YouTube and leave comments and stuff there, too. You know we looooove feedback.

All of us here at ThesePeople are excited to report that THIS year we have dodged the beginning-of-the-year lull. As you have seen, we have already dropped “Buddy Escorts” on ya and we have THREE more super sexy, side-splittingly hilarious sketches already in the can that we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for the return of our friend from London, Sean Cameron, and in the future, a band of sexy ladies.


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