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Best. Death. Ever.

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

What’s up Witches and Warlocks!

Today is a very special day for ThesePeople as it represents the final day and sketch of another successful SHOCKTOBERSKETCH! Our third and final horrifyingly funny sketch hits the web today in the form of “UnDead Girls Gone Wild.” A sequel to last year’s WILDLY popular and Youtube censored “Dead Girls Gone Wild.”

It’s also a special day because it’s Matt’s birthday. Let’s all make fun of him because he’s now in his late 20’s.

As you may be able to guess from the video this sketch was a lot of fun to make, AND it took a lot of folks to pull it off.

We’d like to thank our make up artists Christopher and Muana who made our zombies and vampires look totally amazing. Scott who shot the whole sketch leaving me free to direct the talent to do things like spank each other. Matt R. who wrote a rocking soundtrack. Paul who once again came through with a great VO. And of course all of our actresses! Molly, Kim, Christine, Trixi, Lisa, Birgit, Shannon, and Marian. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

This sketch may not be super safe for work, BUT it’s Halloween so watch it anyway.

Hope everyone out there enjoyed SHOCKTOBERSKETCH 3. “Killing Button,” “WereDouche,” and “Undead Girls Gone Wild.” 3 sketches as sexy and scary as they are funny. This is always our favorite time of year to create sketches and we may make these sketches with a little extra bit of love, so we hope you enjoy.

But just because Shocktobersketch 3 has come and gone there is no reason to be afraid! We already have 2 sketches ready to go for November. And wait til you see what’s next…

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And thanks for watching!

Undead Girls Gone Wild

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

The dead won’t be the only thing that’s rising. Free podcast from

The full WHAT?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Hey Corpses and Corpsettes.

Hope you’ve got your Halloween costumes finished or at least decided upon. Today I’m very excited to bring to all of you the SECOND installment of this year’s SHOCKTOBERSKETCH. As you may remember we kicked Shocktobersketch off with “Killing Button” last week which got us around 70,000 views on the old YouTube which is pretty sweet, we’re hoping for just as much success with this week’s offering “WereDouche.”

“WereDouche” tells the story of a man who goes from nice guy to huge douchebag every time there is a full moon. It could be the scariest Halloween sketch we’ve ever done as nothing terrifies me more than the thought of hanging out with a douchebag.

There are a lot of folks to thank on this one, Matt R. came through huge with not only a great performance, but also a KILLER soundtrack, his girlfriend Katy also did a brilliant job testing out her acting chops for the second time with ThesePeople, and our good friend Nick H. (JOLCats and KITE) really steals a couple of scenes. As always this was a team effort of not only the troupe, but also our fabulous behind the scenes team of Steve, whose editing and special effects brought the story to life and Andrew’s grisly horrific mix tied it all together.

Where can you watch this masterpiece so many people gave their lives for?

Right here of course!

and any other video site you can think of probably.

We’ll see you guys back here in about a week for the FINALE of Shocktobersketch III. Until then please watch “WereDouche” and “Killing Button” repeatedly and don’t forget to check out “classic” Shocktobersketches like “Polaroid,” “You’re the Dummy.” And “Dead Girls Gone Wild.”

Pleasant Screams!


Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Whenever the full moon rises, Tim falls victim to the curse…of the WEREDOUCHE.

Shocktobersketch III!!!

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Greetings Boys and Ghouls,

It’s the middle of October, which can mean only 1 thing, time for ThesePeople’s SHOCKTOBERSKETCH III. That’s right, while I try and find one of those silver metal things that kills cattle in order to finish off my Anton Chigurh Halloween Costume, ThesePeople will be releasing THREE, count’em THREE, All-New Horror Comedy Sketches!

And the best part is the first of the three hit the web last night. It’s called “Killing Button” and is a parody of an old ghost story/Twilight Zone episode (from the short-lived 1980s NEW Twilight Zone.) It tells the story of a couple down on their luck who are presented with a strange button, and a difficult choice. “Killing Button” stars our good friend Lauren who you may remember from a little sketch we did last summer called “Homemade Porn.”

OK, that wasn’t the “best part.” The BEST part is that YouTube has once again decided to tip their hat to our comedic efforts and has made “Killing Button” the Number 1 Featured Comedy Video on YouTube! Tell all of your hot, single, friends and relatives! I’m very happy YouTube selected this video for the honor because I honestly think it’s our best LOOKING sketch to date. It’s in black and white; it’s widescreen, what’s not to love? Plus, Lauren and Joel turn in marvelous performances.

You can watch the sketch that almost maybe everyone will be talking about on our new fangled website (which by the way you can now leave comments on, just like YouTube!) or for a limited time check it out on the #1 Featured Comedy Throne on YouTube.

Now that Shocktobersketch is officially upon us, you can look forward to TWO more Halloween sketches coming up faster than Jason Voorhees can kill a kid in a wheelchair.

Next one should be out around this time next week so stay tuned!

Pleasant SCREAMS!


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