• What keeps you so calm all the time?

    2008 Sep 4

    Hey Friends and Lovers,
    Didn’t I tell you we had a lot of material on the way? I wasn’t kidding. Hot on the heels of the beloved urinal masterpiece “Please Do Not Use” comes “L.E.D.” a commercial for a Low Energy Drink, which pretty much kills you as it relaxes you.

    This is kind of a funny story as this idea first came to me from a coworker of mine last fall. I wanted to turn it into a sketch, but we needed a lot of outdoor scenes and the weather had already turned here in the Mitten State, so we sat on it for a full year. We shot it this summer and as we were editing Nick sends me this article. If that link doesn’t work what the article is about is a product called “Drank” which is an ACTUAL anti-energy drink. The thing is I think “L.E.D” is actually a lot more clever than Drank, so in the end maybe we win.

    We’d like to thank our friends Ciara Stella and Andrew Smith for guest starring in “L.E.D.,” and thanks to our editor Steve as always for some fantastic graphics, and our mixer Andrew for making the music track kick so much ass.

    We’re going to try and get you guys a couple more sketches in the merry month of September and then hold on to your butts because ShocktOberSketch 3 (our yearly tribute to horror/comedy) will rock your face clear off (with laughter and possibly fright.)

    For the kids, welcome back to school, for the ‘dults enjoy the rest of this 4-day work week.

    Obama ‘08

    These People (:|)

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