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JOLCATS featured

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Hey Cats and Kittens,

By the time you’ve read this sentence, our latest sketch “JOLCat” will have upward of 15,000 views on YouTube… and you haven’t even seen it yet. See, we here at ThesePeople have a pretty standard release schedule, when we feel a sketch is strong enough to fly out of the nest we sneak it out on the world Monday evening to kind of get a test run with any hardcore fans/subscribers, then Tuesday while I’m at work I do all the necessary blogging/bulletining/promoting, like what you’re reading right now. However, last night the folks at YouTube decided to tell the world about “JOLCat” for us. Without even any prompting from us YouTube took “JOLCat” (just like they did with “Stick It In Burger”) and put it in their comedy spotlight, which meant I woke up to a LARGE number of views and comments from people calling us “gay.” Oh it’s good to be back.

“JOLCat” is one of the weirdest things we’ve done in a while, so I can see where not every YouTube user might get it, but as a troupe we’re really happy with where we ended up with the level of weirdness/comedy and we think it really reflects the sketch comedy troupes that inspired us.

If you haven’t guessed by now, “JOLCat” is about beloved ThesePeople member Joel switching bodies with my cat Scoop. If you love cats and you love Joel this is the sketch for you!

Let’s just hope that the YouTube people are watching when we drop our next sketch “Homemade Porno.” That’s not a joke, that’s really the next thing. Stay tuned.

And now I encourage you all to check out “JOLCat” for yourself. Please leave us some comment on YouTube to show those haters who you love, and more importantly, who loves you.

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Stay awesome,

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