• The View from the Back

    2008 Mar 11

    Hey Everybody!

    It’s been a while hasn’t it? Well we’re back, again, even though we never left. Here’s what’s been up with us lately, we’ve been busy, our lives have been changing, and some of us are FINALLY getting hair where there wasn’t hair before. After a monthish gap between sketches we now can confidently say we have enough stuff in the bank to release to our fans and friends over the next month and a half. So break out that ThesePeople Tshirt and wear it every day til the end of April!

    In this very bulletin is our latest creation shot on location in the Michigan League and featuring the ThesePeople debut of our good friend Katie.

    It’s a sketch based on a true story that probably happens to you or some one you love every day, or maybe every other day.

    Enjoy the Sketch, and have the best day of your life!


One Response to “The View from the Back”

  1. Edd Says:

    Rofl, One of the best videos you’ve ever made~

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