• Welcome Conan O’Brien!

    2008 Jan 10

    Hey Everybody!

    Happy New Year! As you probably know, there is a Writer’s Strike afoot and even though it has not been resolved Conan O’Brien has been put back on the air by NBC without his writers. Because of this many big name actors aren’t appearing on the show as a sign of support to the writers. Though we support the writers we here at ThesePeople are trying to take advantage of this distinct moment in history to get on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The thing is we have LOTS of good reasons to be there…ok 3. Watch the blog below and leave a bunch of comments and spread it around if you can! If you know Conan O’Brien definitely give him a heads up.

    If this happens it could be the most amazing thing ever, if not at least we did all we could.

    New sketches coming soon! Until then enjoy the VLOG!

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