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If you can’t win their Telent Show, create your own…

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

What is up Ev-ry-bod-y!?

Now that Halloween and another successful ShocktoberSketch have come and
gone it’s time that ThesePeople got back to doing what they do best, which is
nonsensical arbitrary humor and boy howdy do we have that by the bucketful in
our latest sketch…”TALENT SHOW” we shot this sketch a while ago, so long ago
in fact that immediately after shooting it Steve and I went to Comerica Park
and watched the Tigers beat the crap out of the Mariners…oh those were the
days…baseball season. We had to wait until Shocktobersketch was done to
release it which was very tough for me, because this one instantly became one
of my personal favorites. Hopefully you’ll see why.

This sketch marks the ON CAMERA debut of our dedicated and talented editor
Steve and we have a VERY special surprise guest, Revolva!

As always you can see it at the bottom of this bulletin, or you can pick
your favorite viral video site.

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