• Karaoke and our TV Debut!!!

    2007 Sep 18

    Hey All!

    ThesePeople have released a new sketch!!! Well, it’s not a sketch really, more of a documentary. Think of it as an episode of MTV TrueLife: I was in a Karaoke Contest.

    You can hear the lovely melodies of Clyde and Chuck U Farley right here at ThesePeopleComedy.com.

    BUT there’s bigger news afoot. ThesePeople will be making their North American Television debut on the CW (Home of America’s Next Top Model and Smallville)!!! Sunday September 30th @ 7:30 pm on their new show Online Nation! We’re very excited to get our mugs on network television, even though it’s very possible “Polaroid” will be sandwiched in between clips of a squirrel on water skis and a laughing baby…we’re gonna be on TV!!!

    So please tune in and watch and email the network demanding we be the new hosts!

    Also we’ve been busy as bees shooting our next crop of SHOCK-TOBER-SKETCHES! So enjoy the Karaoke Video for now, and we’ll see you in October for Shock-Tober-Sketch YEAR 2!!!



One Response to “Karaoke and our TV Debut!!!”

  1. Katy Your Biggest Fan Says:

    Glad to be a part of it all. Or at least a part of enjoying your continued attempts…successful I might add, to bring a wry smile to my face. You are responsible you know, for reminding me that I have tasteless immaturity, as we watch “Full Throttle….” at least twice….or maybe, just maybe it’s some kind of mature laughter, because I can give MYSELF permission to watch it….again.

    There is a fine line between genius and insanity. Or, in this case, between vile unwatchable rot and genuine boy/girl next door bathroom humor. I think what makes the difference here is that you are all a bunch of decent people…THESE PEOPLE!! Nice people with an edge….edgy people with a knife. Nice people on the edge…whatever.
    WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’ll have to find a tv for September 30…..we choose not to have tv, but then again, I may not have been one of the first ever to mail you a piece of fan mail had I been hijacked by this season’s lineup eh?

    My attempt at saying, “still a fan.”
    Katy in Washington

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