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ThesePeople Make Movies, Drink Alcohol, get on TV

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Hey Everyone!

Thanks again goes out to John Romeo and the Romeo Theater, because thanks to him featuring our video “Polaroid” has featured him and accidentally featured US in the process.
They wrote a nice piece about John and “Polaroid” on their website, we come off sounding like drunks because when asked about the shoot I mentioned that we often go out all night before we shoot our sketches. It would be more hurtful if it was less true.

Check it out here!!!!


Also a quick heads up…ThesePeople are going to be on TV!!!!

True Story, a new show on the CW called Online Nation Debuts 7:30pm on Sunday Sept 23rd. We’ve been told we’re in the Pilot…guess what sketch it is!!! Yup, POLAROID, apparently the only thing we ever had to make to get noticed, outside of “Full Throttle Douche Bottle.”

The Network that gave us Smallville and America’s Next Top Model

Stay tuned for more details!!


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