• ThesePeople Featured on Viral on Veoh, Romeo Theatre AND Release NEW SKETCH!

    2007 Jul 10

    Hey Everyone!

    ThesePeople are back, with possibly our most outrageous sketch ever. It’s been a
    long time in the making and it took a lot of people’s combined effort to make this happen.
    In addition to our normal steadfast crew, we have the return of our lovely and talented actress Kim (Late Night Ride, Black Velvet Ribbon)
    we have the amazing voice over talents of Paul Painter (the announcer in Over the Thumb), we have an awesome animation from Charlie Mooney and a rocking original tune from Eric Litwin. I can’t even tell you when we originally shot this, but it’s all come together now, and I can officially say it’s
    the most effort I’ve ever put in to a little over a minute of video.

    It’s sooooo extreme in fact that to say anything further would spoil the surprise. So please sit back and enjoy:

    Full Throttle Douche Bottle
    Make Sure Will Ferrell knows we’re funny

    Don’t forget to check out our recent features on the Viral On Veoh Show AND on the Romeo Theater.

    AND Finally, with a little luck a couple of our sketches are going to be on a new show on the CW in the fall.

    We’ll keep you posted.


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