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Full Throttle Douche Mania!!!!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

So last night Nick and Joel and I were hanging out and I put “Full Throttle Douche Bottle” (just like that in quotes) into Google and was shocked to have found 13 pages worth of blogs and forums and whatever of people reposting and spreading the Douche love all over the place. (car forums, metal forums etc.) Some people even said things like they would start referring to people as a “Full Throttle Douche Bottle” one such blog was the BestWeekEver Blog at best week ever

With all of this attention, Joel brought up that we should buy the domain just to have it in case the phrase pays off. When Joel looked into it….some kid in East Lansing had already beaten us to it.

and THAT my friends is when you know you’ve made it.


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