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ThesePeople Love MDA Camp

Friday, June 29th, 2007

This year ThesePeople were invited back to MDA Camp @ Camp Cavell to shoot music videos as part of their week of activities. And once again it proved to be one of the best spent weeks of our lives. This year we made even more friends and ate even more processed chicken parts. Nick, Joel and myself joined my brother Paul as we spent one day of non stop shooting followed by two days of nonstop editing making music videos for the campers all culminating in a Thursday night Video Music Awards style awards show at which I got to present an award as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribbean and Nick presented as Hiro from Heroes. Guess which one the kids DIDN’T recognize!

We’d just like to thank all of our new BFFs everyone at MDA Camp for the experience and the memories. We’d love to come back again and again whenever you’d like us too.

See you next Summer!



Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Hey Everyone!

Break out your headbands it’s time for People Pets! What’s People Pets you ask!? Only our latest and weirdest sketch. I really love this one and I hope you will too. It features the song “La La La” by indie pop duo “The Bird and The Bee” so if you like the song in the sketch please go out and buy their album or at the very least, friend them on MySpace.
Also, the UNCENSORED clips for our 2nd and final outing hosting the UKs Hottest User Submitted Program “MyTV Homegrown” are available for viewing on our website in “the Vault.” This time they left a lot of our stuff in, even Aaron saying the word “dicks.” In addition to crude sexual humor and naughty language you can also see our never before aired intro for “3 Girls in a Boat” that MyTV didn’t use. To make watching more fun, count how many times we point into the camera! If you can count that high.

We’ll be off for a couple of weeks due to all of us being at MDA Summer Camp and then  the week after being the 4th of July, but you won’t believe what will be in store for you when we get back.

Now I don’t want to build it up too much, BUT, it will change the face of comedy….FOREVER.

Have a wonderful day!


People Pets

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Have you ever lost something close to you? Featuring La La La by The Bird and the Bee.

A Summer Sequel!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

What up Everyone!

I know everyone loves a good Summer sequel, just look at the success of Shrek 3! So ThesePeople are hopping on the bandwagon with a follow up to last year’s SMASH hit “How To Treat a Lady” with this summer’s “How to Treat Your Children.” (with 85% new footage!) It’s our 51st Sketch and also the first one Aaron’s been in for a while so let’s all welcome him back with open arms!

ANNNNND to follow up with the results of our “Win a FREE Large Men’s T-shirt Contest!” the prize goes to………..CS!!! Thanks to everyone who entered, all of the emails were great but ultimately I just ended up writing the names on a piece of paper and running a pencil up and down the page with my eyes shut!
Very scientific!

The summer of fun has only just begun! We’ll have another new sketch out next week! and then we’ll be off for a couple of weeks for MDA Camp and the 4th of July, but you won’t believe what comes after that.



How to Treat Your Children

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

In this sequel to These People’s ‘How To Treat a Lady’ Joel (now completely well versed in the ways of the woman) goes back to Aaron for some MORE advice, but this time, ‘something’s got to be done about his kids!’

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