• ThesePeople now with a chance to lose $100,000!

    2007 Apr 28

    That’s right… our little sketch that could “Polaroid” is one of only FIVE finalists for NBC’s IYSTV $100,000 competition!

    The best part!? USERS CAN’T VOTE!!! Finally a contest left only up to the people having the contest. However, it would still be great if you all went over there and left us comments and love and showed your support for ThesePeople so the producers at NBC don’t think “Why should we give these douches anything? They’re creating ZERO revenue for our site!”

    We find out Monday, which means if we win we’ll have GRILLZ by Tuesday.

    Because we have to win sometime!

    Thanks for all the love!

    These People (:|) ��

One Response to “ThesePeople now with a chance to lose $100,000!”

  1. Katy Your Naf tseggib Says:

    Dear These People;
    I see you! Peek a Boo! This is Katy, once known as your biggest fan. The whirlwind of life and death has hit in the last two months and I shall try to let you know why I have not sent the cookies. Yes. Cookies. But, for now, I send this simple letter.
    Thanks Matt for writing. What’s the NBC update? Any news for us hungry hungry hippos?
    Katy of the North

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