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Looks like you need a hand

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Well Hello and Welcome Everybody!

It seems it’s been a while since we saw each other last, and a lot has happened to These People between our last release and now. We won the Yahoo! Oscar for best comedy team or duo, we hosted an episode of TroubleHomegrown that will be airing this Friday in the UK and will be online shortly thereafter AND we were featured on the front page of MySpace TWICE!!! Once for “Absentminded” and once for “WineRack.” Now we’re back after quite a break with what I hope to be a big hit for us, “Over the Thumb.”

This is our tribute to the underground, highly competitive world of thumbwrestling! It was a grueling one day shoot that took us from Ann Arbor to Detroit, and took a lot of help from our friends, but the proof is all there in the sketch comedy pudding. We’d like to thank all of our extras that showed up to help us out in Ann Arbor, Paul Painter who lent us his pipes as the voice of “the Announcer,” and John Urbanek who not only takes pictures of us whenever we ask him too, but also lent us his basement and thumb for the making of this sketch. Enjoy! And if you watch REALLY closely you may even see why These People production has been held up a bit the last month or two.

If you’d like please also go and rate the sketch at YouTube or Yahoo! and tell Tom at MySpace that this video should be featured.

While you’re all here, I’d like to plug something not exclusively ThesePeople related. If you live in the Michigan/Lansing area and have a free evening this weekend, I would HIGHLY recommend you go see the Lansing Civic Players production of GYPSY starring These People’s own Kim “Kat” Cooper. She plays Louise, so it’s really worth the trip, it’s not like she’s an extra or something, she’s front and center for most of this thing, and she’s awesome in it. Go to for showtimes and ticket info.

Stay beautiful,


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