• Reflections on BTTF & Dew or Die

    2006 Jun 15

    BTTF is one of the first sketches I wrote and one of the first sketches we shot, twice, someday when we’ve got volumes of work and true fans that think they have everything there is to own, we’ll release a 3 disc DVD in a special wooden box containing the never before seen “WINTER” Version of BTTF…or we’ll just throw it in the vault in a couple of months.

    You see, when you start a sketch comedy troupe in February your outdoor shoots are kind of limited, well at least they should be, but our spirit and poor judgement wouldn’t let us be stopped by a whole lot of snow and Michigan winter temperatures. With “These Eyes” by the Guess Who stuck in our heads we headed out to the park, set up our camera and did our best, the result was a one take sketch with fake cuts Steve Immer added in post. Most of us liked it, but we knew we could do better.

    So about a month ago we tried again, this time with “Sex Machine” by James Brown stuck in our heads, two cameras, warmer temperatures and a bucket of biscuits from KFC. (They put them in a bucket if you ask for enough of them.) The result is what you see here today.

    Side note: My eyes look crazy in it. I think it’s the sweater.

    Now what can I say about Dew or Die? Well first off it’s based on a true story, well the first 4 seconds of it are, after that it gets really weird. Funny? To me? Yes. Very. But to everyone else? Possibly just weird. I love it though and of everything we’ve done so far it’s the only sketch I would like a copy of in my casket when I’m laid to rest.


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