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    2014 Feb 1

    The Reality Workout

    Some Buddy That I Used To Know

  • “Viral Video Showdown”

    2012 Oct 30

    Tonight is the premiere of Viral Video Showdown on SyFy, something we were a part of earlier this summer. In July These People from across the land gathered in NYC with 4 days and $5000 to face off against some schmoes in LA with the goal of making the viral-est, video-est YouTube clip ever. Or something. A television crew followed our exploits. Things got weird.

    In August we all flew to LA to stand before the judges and found out just who’s cool cine reigned supreme-y.

    Now, our episode airs NEXT week (you WILL be reminded again) but we should all probably watch tonight’s ep together to what the other teams had to contend with.


  • From an Undisclosed Location

    2012 Jul 1

    Hey everyone, our webmaster has been beaten for not keeping the site up to date. Did you miss that really great terrace?

    Or the time the zombie apocalypse happened?

    Everyone up to speed now? Good, because we’ve got some big news to share… BUT NOT JUST YET! Right now we’re [redacted verb] in [redacted proper noun], [redacted verb] a [redacted noun]. In a few [redacted length of time] we’ll be able to [redacted verb] it with you all!

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