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    2014 Feb 1

    The Reality Workout

    Some Buddy That I Used To Know

  • “Viral Video Showdown”

    2012 Oct 30

    Tonight is the premiere of Viral Video Showdown on SyFy, something we were a part of earlier this summer. In July These People from across the land gathered in NYC with 4 days and $5000 to face off against some schmoes in LA with the goal of making the viral-est, video-est YouTube clip ever. Or something. A television crew followed our exploits. Things got weird.

    In August we all flew to LA to stand before the judges and found out just who’s cool cine reigned supreme-y.

    Now, our episode airs NEXT week (you WILL be reminded again) but we should all probably watch tonight’s ep together to what the other teams had to contend with.


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